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sunesis / soon’-es-is / n

  1. A Greek word for wisdom; a mental putting together, i.e. intelligence or the intellect – knowledge, understanding

Since 2004

Through passion and commitment to meaningful ways of creating sustainable organizations, we have captured and developed the knowledge, experience, tools and educational opportunities that we believe will strengthen small businesses and, ultimately, the economy.

We want your business to be integral to that effort.

Your business is very important to the economy. How important?

30,000,000 Jobs

That’s our vision. If we could help every SME in North America grow their business by just a single employee:

  • By showing them rigorous, efficient, sustainable business practices
  • By giving them informed feedback to identify and avoid vulnerabilities
  • By offering empowering professional development opportunities
It would add 30,000,000 jobs to the economy.

Can you imagine?!

How We Make it Happen

We have assembled all the pieces needed to follow through on the commitment we make to our clients.

The Right People

The Sunesis team is highly trained, specialized, and talented. They work with the same values and share the vision of a more robust economy through a stronger, empowered SME sector. And they each bring their own unique skillsets to help make it happen.


We maintain the following values in in everything we do.


We are ruthless with risk. For over 18 years, we have helped businesses of all sizes identify and manage over a thousand risks.


Every solution must be both effective and efficient. We know what works and what does not; and what brings value and what does not. We can help your business navigate the options and find the best solution.


Based on our experience and expertise, we believe strongly in our commitment, do everything to the best of our ability and constantly seek to improve.


Relationships based on trust and reliability are the platform on which, together, we can make anything and everything happen.


We only provide information, knowledge and advice that we are eminently educated, qualified and experienced to deliver. 10,000 hours is just for starters!


It means having the experience and knowledge to take appropriate action, and the understanding to know when.

A Tailored Value Proposition

We are an SME too. We understand all the challenges. So we put together a complete toolset of business practices and enlightenment that can be applied according to each organization’s specific needs and goals.

Services & Products

Diagnostic and feedback services, and on-line tools and products that help SMEs understand their risks and how to mitigate them, and give them the ongoing support to move their business forward confidently.

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Continuing Professional Development

Engaging, impactful professional development courses that give your business the knowledge it needs to grow

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How Can We Help You?

Of all the ways we can help your company, we do none of them better than how we listen.

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