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Every Sunesis service is delivered with a focused rigor and efficiency that heightens value, improves outcomes and better positions your business for success.

SOX & CSOX Certifications

Stringent, Systematic Approaches for Faster, Easier, More Reliable Compliance

SOX and C-SOX certification can mean a significant commitment of resources and time. The customizable Sunesis approach to SOX & C-SOX compliance minimizes that commitment, accelerates certification and lets your business move forward with confidence.

Risk Assessments

Thorough, Comprehensive Assessment Drives Higher-Value Testing and Results

The basis of our risk-based approach is a comprehensive material weakness study. Risks are continually identified and evaluated throughout the process. This includes meticulous, targeted, in-depth risk assessments in five different areas, based on noteworthy changes in the organization, including personnel, processes and technology. Assessment results help determine the scope of risk testing and evaluation for your business.

Entity Level Evaluations

Greater Visibility Improves Corporate Guidance

Material weaknesses often result from internal oversights in corporate governance, culture, ethics and controls. Sunesis executes integrated employee surveys that give the organization clear visibility into its human resources, workplace environment and overall condition. Surveys take each employee only 10 minutes, but give the corporation corroborative and insightful evidence of its core health and wellness.

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Of all the ways we can help your company, we do none of them better than how we listen.

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Internal Audits & Risk Evaluations

Where do you want to take your business?
Learning more about where you are, and what’s between you and your goals, is the key to reaching them.

Enterprise Risk Management

The Next Generation: Antifragile & Robust

Interestingly, traditional ERM can be fraught with risk. Too much focus on risk can de-emphasize its causes and triggers. The Sunesis antifragile ERM methodology, tailored to your business, gives you actionable feedback on your most vulnerable areas, enabling direct risk management. The result is a business with the resilience to endure risks related to finance, strategy, disruption, and more.

Internal Audits

Executive Team’s Personal and Affordable “McKinsey/BCG”

Our customized internal audit service gives management and Boards the confidence that their corporate objectives are qualified for success. Using a proven framework, we assess the underlying risks of achieving an objective (governance, organizational design, ESG, cybersecurity, etc.) and design and implement exacting and pragmatic controls to mitigate them.

Fraud Risk Assessments & Whistleblower Investigations

“Corporate fraud can cause financial and reputation damage as well as legal fees and fines.” Navex Global

Among our more valuable internal audits, fraud risk assessment and whistleblower investigations enable your organization to understand its exposure, address the issues and properly manage any complaints. Our established investigation and communication protocols have resulted in identifying and recommending over 150 anti-fraud controls for our clients.

Corporate Assessments & Tools

Rigorous, efficient tools that help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals.
Knowing where your company needs support, and having accurate, practical tools to support it, may be your biggest competitive advantage.

Employee Engagement & Corporate Culture Surveys

Keep a finger on the pulse of corporate culture

It’s the cornerstone of your company. Corporate culture can affect everything your business does, from developing saleable solutions, to reaching your objectives. So it’s important to evaluate and appreciate your corporate culture. Doing so improves governance, morale, and helps you compete for and keep the best talent. Survey results give you visibility into eight components of corporate culture, and targeted recommendations for applying the knowledge to improve your business.

Tools to Support Small Business

Small business is the backbone of our economy.

If each small business hires one full time employee, it would create a million jobs! As one of those small businesses, Sunesis wants to help small business owners realize their dreams. We have developed tools specific to helping smaller enterprises where they need it most. These include cash flow forecasting, vendor management, internal controls, cyber security, project management, and hiring the right people, to name just a few.

Training & Education

The right education and development opportunities to empower your team
To better manage disruption and innovation, businesses of all sizes must ensure their workforce is informed and prepared to confidently carry the business forward.

Develop Internal Department Capabilities

Equip your team with the specific tools and techniques needed for ongoing improvement of governance, compliance and risk management.

Regardless of your team’s current capabilities, we offer tailored training to create, elevate or expand their ability to manage your SOX-CSOX certification, internal auditing, risk management, corporate evaluations and whistleblower investigations. Tailored to your business, your team will implement the programs with savvy rigor and efficiency, including manuals and protocols to guide them and support from Sunesis to set them on the right track.

Continuing Professional Development Courses

An efficient way to get pertinent, top-quality professional education

One-hour or three-hour CPD certified courses for you or your employees to reap the benefits of our passion and knowledge in these areas. The Sunesis team has over 60,000 hours of experience in evaluating and speaking on these topics, including Ethics, Future of Work, Antifragility and Corporate Culture.

Find Continuing Professional Development courses for you or your team.

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How Can We Help You?

Of all the ways we can help your company, we do none of them better than how we listen.

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