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By: Sunesis
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Canadian businesses have recently endured many disruptions, including shareholder activism, sharp drops in share prices, negative oil prices, negative investor sentiment, a lingering global pandemic, global supply chain challenges, BLM, the Great Resignation, and so on.

Any of the disruptions could undo an organization, let alone the compounding effect of all of them. Many businesses have survived and even thrived through the challenges, and many have failed.

What was the difference? Why is one business fragile and another one robust?

Our course helps you look beyond the traditional view of risk (impact x probability) and risk management, to instead focus on identifying organizational fragilities and anti-fragilities as a way of effectively navigating random, adverse risk effects.


This session focuses on:

  • What is “antifragile” and why it is important to organizations
  • How the antifragile assessment relates to and builds on the traditional Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework
  • What properties in organizations contribute to fragility, robustness and antifragility
  • What antifragile assessments look like
  • Why options are so important to organizations and are a key to unlocking antifragility
  • Why executive teams and boards have authentically gained confidence in their organization’s ability to withstand shocks
  • How this evaluation is extremely cost effective in relation to traditional ERM programs
  • Who can be a champion behind antifragile assessments




President and Founder of Sunesis with a 29 year career in governance, risk management and internal audit.

Lori is the Chief Audit Executive for Crescent Point Energy and has served in that capacity since 2015. As President of Sunesis, she oversees a client portfolio that accounts for approximately 15% of Canada’s total production of oil and gas, and includes Canada’s largest natural gas producer.

Lori is a multi-faceted leader who has launched several strategic initiatives.

  • Founded Sunesis in 2004
  • Established internal audit departments for many mid-size organizations and enhanced client ESG practices
  • Implemented ERM programs, executing in-depth corporate culture evaluations, and implementing and maintaining SOX and CSOX compliance programs.
  • Served for six years on the board of Calgary Economic Development where she Chaired the Corporate Governance and Strategy Committee.
  • Led the CED’s 2021 transformation in its strategic planning process that enhanced the board’s engagement and better positioned the organization to recover from the economic challenges posed by both COVID and the energy sector.
  • Currently a member on the City of Calgary Audit Committee. Lori’s contributions helped strengthen the effectiveness and relevance of the City’s Audit Committee mandate and strengthen the governance of the City’s wholly-owned subsidiaries.

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