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Many companies and individuals believe that following the letter of the law and implementing regulatory-required governance frameworks is enough to have a strong, ethical organization. However, ethical dilemmas are bound to occur that are not outlined specifically within the current framework or within the organization’s code of conduct.

How can you and others in your organization be confident that you have the ability to make the right decision?

Using current governance frameworks and models, this course will help identify the key underlying principles of ethics. You will learn to to apply a principles-based lens, instead of a strictly rules-based lens. Having a deeper understanding and awareness of the fundamental principles is a more fool-proof and antifragile way of handling ethical dilemmas when they arise.


This session focuses on:

  • Why do ethics matter? Losses and costs relating to ethical failures and the power of trustworthy and reliable teams and leaders
  • Current Governance Frameworks & Models and commonalities and similarities between the frameworks when looking at the underlying principles
  • Defining the underlying principles of ethics that can be applied to any situation
  • Common scenarios of ethical dilemmas by process to help organizations determine their susceptibility to these dilemmas
  • Application of the learnings against current, meaningful case studies

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